Human Factors and System Safety is am interdisciplinary topic covering everything from basic ergonomic, where to put displays and workstations, to more complex organizational patterns of how management’s decision-making reverberates throughout an organization.

Our Approach

The aim with this project was to frame Human Factors and System Safety throughout a major Energy Group company. The company is an operator within oil and natural gas exploration and production, electricity generation at power stations and renewable energy facilities, natural gas and electricity distribution. All the different Business Units within the group participated in the seminar.

The workshop defining Human Factors and System Safety were completed at two different occasions with different audiences.

The main aim was to show on the various solutions that can be provided by Human Factors and System Safety; from Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering to topics such as Organizational Drift, Complexity, System Thinking, Control Theory and Resilience Engineering.

The last part of the workshop was to identify what the organizational already was doing within this topic and what they want to do in the future.


When organisations utilize Human Factors and System Safety to improve the design and development of complex sociotechnical systems, they normally see improvements in safety and productivity.