Background Process safety deals with the prevention of catastrophic releases of chemicals or energy from systems handling hazardous substances that potentially could affect workers, the community, the environment, or business continuity. The Management of Change (MoC) is a process for evaluating and controlling risks derived from modifications to facility design, operation, organization, or activities in […]

Background Human Factors and System Safety is am interdisciplinary topic covering everything from basic ergonomic, where to put displays and workstations, to more complex organizational patterns of how management’s decision-making reverberates throughout an organization. Our Approach The aim with this project was to frame Human Factors and System Safety throughout a major Energy Group company. […]

Background Human Factors is a scientific field focusing on the relationship between people, technology and organisation in order to make sure that services and products are produced in a safely and effective manner. Human Factors as such is an interdisciplinary field encompassing various topics for example psychology, technology and engineering sciences, as well as sociology, […]