Background Complex sociotechnical systems are defined as systems consisting of plant, processes and people as well as the interaction among these three components. Sociotechnical systems mean that organisations have various interfaces to different parts of the system and that transactions take place within the system, its subsystems, and between the larger context and dynamics in […]

Background Human Factors and System Safety is am interdisciplinary topic covering everything from basic ergonomic, where to put displays and workstations, to more complex organizational patterns of how management’s decision-making reverberates throughout an organization. Our Approach The aim with this project was to frame Human Factors and System Safety throughout a major Energy Group company. […]

Background While forensic investigation and establishment of technical cause – effect relationships is usually well understood and handled adequately, incident Investigations are struggling to integrate the human and organisational factors into causal analysis. The tendency is to focus on nearby factors, factors that where close in time and space to the actual incident. In many […]