Tapora has been involved in different projects across different industries. Tapora is specialised in safety management, risk management, human factors and system safety consultancy services. Tapora has experience from the completion of various incident investigations, human factors and system safety projects in the following industries; nuclear, process, oil & gas, aviation, air traffic control and railway as well as delivering human factors and system safety courses to universities.


Safety Manager in a project related to an Air Traffic Control tower upgrade project for two ATC towers

Tapora is assigned as the safety manager for a system safety engineering project related to the upgrade of two Air Traffic Control towers. 

2019 – 2020

Incident investigation support for a large engine manufacturer

The project included a management seminar regarding incident investigation development. The project consists of developing the incident management process as well as providing incident investigation training.

2017 – 2020

Human Factors Engineering support in the design process

Tapora has been involved in designing a new facility in the nuclear-related industry as a Human Factors Engineering (HFE) advisor. The project aims to encapsulate spent nuclear fuel in copper canisters before its final disposal. This approach aligns with the nuclear power program philosophy of continuously upgrading safety requirements as a driving force for development. This project will involve building a new encapsulation plant.

2015 – 2020

Incident investigation training for senior investigators

Incident investigation training for senior investigators in an energy group, including wind power. The training is based on modern safety science and human factors methods. Training courses completed in:

  • Denmark
  • UK
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Singapore
2018 – 2019

Task risk assessment for a dairy plant

The assignment included completing a task risk assessment of various work activities focusing on hazardous tasks at the dairy plant.

2015 – 2018

Safety Leadership Seminars

Tapora has completed Safety Leadership seminars for leaders in different process and chemical companies. Seminars have been conducted on several occasions in Denmark, Sweden, and Panama.

2015 – 2020

Development of a Safety Management System for an aviation organization

  • Completion of risk assessment of different types of flight operations
  • Implementation of a hazard log
  • Set-up of a risk-based Management of Change system

2015 – 2016

HSE Contractor Management and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) guideline documents

Tapora developed guidelines document for HSE Contractor Management and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for the Swedish Association of Process Safety (IPS).

2014 – 2015

Development of an Incident Investigator training program for senior investigators in a leading Energy Group in Northern Europe

Incident Investigator training program. Development of a training program for senior incident investigators in a large energy group based on modern safety science methods provided by Hollnagel, Woods and Dekker.

2014 – 2015

Lead Investigator for a global Oil & Gas operator

Lead investigator for an incident investigation for a severe incident for a global Oil & Gas operator. The investigation was for one of the company’s central business units in the Middle East.

2011 – 2014

Group Senior Human Factors/ Safety Advisor for a global Oil & Gas operator

Secondment to to a global Oil & Gas operator as Senior Human Factors/Safety Advisor. Assignment as senior advisor in Human Factors and System Safety in accident and incident investigations throughout the Group:

  • Business Unit senior safety support to international business units in Asia and Europe.
  • Process Safety advisor related to Management of Change, Risk Management and Contractor Management.
  • Project “Root Causes in Investigations”. Elaborating how to investigate root causes in relation to accident and incident investigations.
  • Expert advisor in Incident investigations
  • Incident investigation training
  • Process safety training
  • Human Factors Engineering – framework for Human Factors in HAZOP/HAZID process
  • Internal Human Factors Engineering lecturer for process engineers

Incident investigation lecturer for a nordic engineering company

Lecture regarding modern safety science in incident investigations including resilience engineering and Safety-II.


Safety leadership and human factors training

Safety leadership and human factors lecturer for leaders in the Swedish Armed Forces maintenance organisation. Changing the focus from why things go wrong to the understanding of why things go right (understanding resilience).


Safety Leadership training for senior leaders

Safety Leadership for senior leaders in for a Global Terminal Network provider. Completion of Safety Leadership course for the leadership team in Latin America.


Outlining Human Factors and System Safety in a leading Energy Group in Northern Europe

Outlining Human Factors and System Safety in a leading Energy Group in Northern Europe. Defining what Human Factors is and what the company already is doing well in this regard. HSE Managers, HSE engineerings and other HSE staff participated in the workshops.

2012 – 2013

Lead Investigator for a leading Energy Group in Sweden

Lead investigator for an incident investigation in a nuclear power plant.


Incident Investigation lecturer for a railway cargo operator

Lecture for a railway cargo operators accident and incident investigators. How to complete incident investigations using the human factors and system safety approach.


Lecturing complex systems in technology and society at Uppsala University

Lecture in human factors and system safety in the course “Complex Systems in Technology and Society” within the master’s program in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering at Uppsala University.


Asset integrity management training for an Oil & Gas operator in Asia

  • HSE Asset Integrity and Reliability Management Training
  • Human Factors Training
  • Leadership Training

2011 – 2012

Global process safety project

Development, implementation, and support for the Group, Corporate HSSEQ, regarding global risk-based process safety Management of Change (MoC).

Project deliverables included developing a corporate MoC standard, procedures and procedures template, process flow charts, MoC pocket guide, training, and staff coaching. Worldwide roll-out in the different business units:










Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) Nuclear

Project Manager and Human Factors expert for the Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) for a nuclear power plant shutdown period completed in 2011.


Risk Analysis for a railway operator

Qualitative risk analysis related to introducing one-person operated trains on the local route in a Nordic country.

2010 – 2011

NPSAG, Sweden, Germany and Finland

The project enclosed Human Factors expert in the EXAM-HRA research project. The EXAM-HRA was a Nordic and German project assessing human reliability analysis (HRA) applications in existing probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) studies. The overall project objective was to guide a” state of the art” HRA to ensure that plant-specific properties are adequately considered in the analysis.


CRIOP analysis for a railway operator

Qualitative risk analysis investigation related to a portable dead-man’s handle in the drivers cabin for a railway operator utilizing a CRIOP-analysis.


Crisis management for an industrial plant

The assignment included a communication plan addressed from management to all personnel on-site and globally related to managing the Coronavirus pandemic’s consequences. 


Quality revision of a helicopter operator in Norway

Internal revision of JAR-OPS 3 flight operations management system for a helicopter operator.


Outlining risk management in a chemical process plant

Outlining the risk management process in a chemical process plant.


Crisis Management for a dairy plant

Crisis management training for the leadership team at a dairy plant in Sweden. The training included a desk exercise with different scenarios with different training purposes. We ended with a report that included things that worked well and things that could be improved.

2010 – 2012

Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) method development

Development of a new and updated Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) method for a nuclear power plant operator within the framework of Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA).


HAZID of a medical device system

The purpose of the HAZID study was to identify possible hazards for a new medical technology system whose functional purpose is to decontaminate rooms contaminated with viruses, bacteria, germs, toxic mold and spores. The purpose of the study was also to generate a set of recommendations / measures to eliminate or minimize the identified hazards. The results from the HAZID study were summarized in a HAZID report which presented a number of measures which in turn are followed up and shut down by the client.

2017 – 2021

System safety engineering / flight safety assessment in ATM

Tapora has completed system safety engineering projects, including flight safety assessments, in various ATM projects for an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). 

Tapora is involved with an airspace modernization project aiming to reduce complexity, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and, in the long term, ensure capacity that meets both Swedavia’s and European requirements. During the autumn, phase two of Swea began. This phase covers the airspace north, east, and south of the Stockholm terminal area affected by the traffic to and from Arlanda airport in Sweden.

System safety engineering and safety case assignment for various complex ATM (air traffic management) projects in close cooperation with different industry suppliers.

System safety engineering support during software development for a new Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) production platform.

System safety engineering for implementing a new Voice Communication System (VCS) for several Air Traffic Control Towers and Centers in Sweden.

System safety engineering project for a mobile airbase system. Flight safety assessment and Safety Case of an air traffic control system for a mobile airbase system. 

Safety assessment and safety case for updating Swedish military air traffic control towers.


Investigation of a severe incident in a recycling plant

Tapora has been assigned to complete an incident investigation for a severe incident in a recycling plant.

2023 – 2024

Third-party Ergonomic Assessment for the delivery of new Trains

Tapora has assessed and reviewed the activity and documentation concerning ergonomic activities for the delivery of trains to a train operator in Stockholm, Sweden, in a third-party ergonomic assessment