Who Are We?

Tapora is a company that provides consulting services for companies and organisations involved with complex sociotechnical systems and safety-critical operations.

Complex sociotechnical systems are about humans, technology and organisation. Contemporary safety science have evolved from focusing on the human role at the “sharp-end”, the place where people directly interact with the hazardous process, to understand the human role is also of importance at the “blunt-end”, activities that are distant in time and space from where operational work is done, as well as everywhere in-between. At the blunt-end of the system regulators, administrators, policy makers, and technology suppliers control the resources, constraints, and multiple incentives and demands that sharp-end practitioners needs to integrate and balance.

We have long experience within our field in a number of different areas, such as aviation, air traffic management, railway, nuclear power, oil & gas, energy, process and chemical industry, pharmaceutical and medical technology.

How Can We Help You?

We all know that there is risk involved in any business – some more than others. So how do we make qualified business decisions around our knowledge of risk?

Different Views on Risk

How organisations view risk strongly influences how they tackle risks when they appear. Risk can be handled in different ways and whatever is decided will have an impact on time, money and resources for any organisation. Tapora offers new views on risk based on system thinking, control theory and resilience engineering.

Tailor-Made Solutions

In order to deal with risks you have to understand them and you have to be aware of the fact that your decision will have a number of consequences and should be handled accordingly. Hence, Tapora does not offer simplified systems that fit every company, but tailor-makes solutions that take into account your specific issues and challenges. It is therefore crucial to start work with your CEO and executive management. Together we can start the work to make the necessary changes, which will benefit safety and productivity throughout your organisation.

What Do We Know?

The answer is: an awful lot. We have vast experience in the field of risk management and safety. Our co-workers have helped numerous companies, such as global oil & gas operators, a leading Nordic energy group, Nordic nuclear power plant operators, engineering companies, railway and aviation operators, and Armed Forces with their risk management and safety work. We also offer consulting sessions for Senior Management, as well as for students from a number of renowned universities and colleges.