System Safety Engineering and Flight Safety Assessments of Air Traffic Control (ATC) projects

Tapora has completed a number of ATC projects related to the completion of system safety engineering and flight safety assessment of the introduction of new ATC technical systems. These projects include safety risk assessments and safety assessment of changes to various functional systems in the client organization. The functional system is defined as a combination of procedures, human resources and equipment, including hardware and software, organized to perform a function within the context of Air Traffic Management (ATM) / Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) and other ATM network functions.

The reason to why applying system safety engineering and flight safety assessments in ATC projects is to ensure that the risks associated with hazards to flight operations are systematically and formally identified, assessed, and managed within acceptable safety levels required for the specific ATC system.

Tapora has been completed system safety engineering and flight safety assessment projects for both military and civil ATC services. In addition, Tapora has experience from working with the by Eurocontrol developed Safety Assessment Method (SAM). From 2 January 2020, the safety assessments will be carried out in accordance with the new EU Directive 2017/373 which establishes the requirements for air traffic control / air navigation service providers and other functions for air traffic control services and their supervision.