Process Safety Project for a global oil & gas operator


Process safety deals with the prevention of catastrophic releases of chemicals or energy from systems handling hazardous substances that potentially could affect workers, the community, the environment, or business continuity.

The Management of Change (MoC) is a process for evaluating and controlling risks derived from modifications to facility design, operation, organization, or activities in without introducing unrecognized new hazards or increasing the risk of existing hazards. The Management of Change is one of the most important elements of a Process Safety Management (PSM) system.

Our Approach

For a global Oil & Gas operator the project team was involved in a global process safety project aiming to take care of four different areas: riskā€based Management of Change, Incident Investigation and Learning, Contractor Management and Risk Management.

The Management of Change project started out with the completion of a desktop review of what the organization had in place with regards of managing change throughout the group. The project continued with framing the process for management of change by involving representatives from the different parts of the organization by arranging two global MoC workshops. The workshop aimed to provide input to the development of the global standard for managing change, frame the content of training, and finally decide on the implementation process.

After the completion of the workshops, the project team outlined the processes in the organization in order handle risks derived from different processes, and consequently the global standard for MoC. In addition, the project team developed the training materials, supporting materials and enable that the systems were put in place. The project team delivered MoC training in Denmark, Norway, UK, USA, Brazil, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Angola.

The project team developed a global process and standard for managing change, considering all types of change; engineering, organizational and operational changes. In addition, the project team developed a global e-learning module for raising awareness around managing change.


The major benefit with this approach was to provide a global approach for managing different types of change and a system for handling changes throughout the company.