Incident Investigation

Forensic investigations and establishing technical causes and effects are usually well understood and consequently handled adequately in incident investigations. By contrast, integrating human and organizational factors into the causal analysis is a struggle for most organizations. The tendency is to focus on nearby factors close in time and space for where the actual event occurred. In many cases, the investigation ends when a human error has been identified, although it is clear that several factors played an essential role in the system failure. These factors were all necessary but only jointly sufficient to push the system over the edge of its safe envelope.

Incident investigations provide a critical opportunity for organizations to establish learning from incidents and help organizations improve safety issues and reduce the risk of major system failures. 

Tapora has experience in completing incident investigations across different industries. Tapora has been leading incident investigations in the nuclear industry, oil & gas, energy, wind power, railway, and aviation. Tapora also offers expertise in aircraft accident investigation. 

Tapora offers incident investigation training based on well-established human factors and system safety methods. Besides, Tapora provides organizations with support in completing incident investigations either as a team member or investigation lead.

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